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"Life isn't all black and white nor is it a bed of roses."

Name: Uchida Kiriko
Pseudonym(s): Takagi Kiriko
Nicknames: Kiri-Chi, Imouto, Brat, Riko

Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female
Blood Type: A

Hair Color: Dark olive (Wavy/usually in a side-braid/shoulder-length)
Eye Color: Icy blue

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 44 kg

Distinguishing features: Her eye-color, her hair is never untied except when sleeping
Average Clothing: Pastel and pale-colored clothing

Occupation: Student/Café Waitress
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birth Date: 17th December
*Uchida Takeshi and (nee Oshiro) Yukiko (parents, currently missing)
*Uchida (nee Takagi) Sumire (step-mother, is in a mental hospital, 47)

*Uchida/Takagi Masato (Eldest step-brother, 24)
*Uchida/Takagi Akira (Second older step-brother, 22)
*Uchida/Takagi Nagisa (Older step-sister, 20)
*Uchida/Oshiro Hikari and Hikaru (Biological older twin siblings, 18)

Health Status: Has minor asthmatic problems but over-all, healthy
Financial Status: (Past) Well-off (Current) Middle-class
Boyfriend/Mate/Spouse/Mutual Affection: Fushimi Saruhiko

*Has minor asthmatic problems (Knew this at the middle of her second year in middle-school)
*Cannot multitask well
*Is a complete chicken when left alone at her apartment (She says it's haunted, but it's merely because of the sounds that scared her.)
*No sense of direction because of her constant forgetfulness, even if she goes to those places more than five times.
*Panics easily. (She's trying to control it after having a bit of a breathing problem when she freaked out about Nagisa joining SCEPTER4.)
*Zero knowledge in self-defense, thus all she can do is 'RUN FOR HER LIFE IF SHE STILL CHERISH IT!'
*Ignores her own life and safety when saving others. (Proof, she nearly got run down by a lorry when saving her hare.)
*Fears of heights

*Is skilled on doing home-chores and cooking any type of dishes, except for French dishes.
*Patient and forgiving (Way too forgiving)
*An expert on escaping very, very quietly
*Trustworthy and loyal to those whom she thinks deserves it

Special Skills & Unique Personality Traits:
*She calls most of her step-sister's subordinates with the suffix '-san' (except for 'Fushimi-kun', whom she really knew longer than anyone else.) and superiors '-sama'.
*Is careful when spending her money.
*She's always dressed up by her colleagues and fellow student council members. They sometimes stated that she looks like a doll.
*Waste food in front of her, and she will do everything to make you finish it.
*Willing to give strays her lunch, even if she's hungry as hell at that time.
*Can put up an all-nighter but will sleep throughout the entire next day.

Likes: Music, baking, children, little animals, winter, autumn, flowers, kendo.
Dislikes: Fighting, physical education classes, having to put up an all-nighter during test weeks, spending a lot of money at one time, Psycho-shimi.

Favorite Food: Japanese and Italian desserts and dishes. She loves pasta a lot.
Least Favorite Food: Anything that has nuts


Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Kiriko is a daughter of her father's second wife. The Uchida supported SCEPTER4 financially and by sending their children to work with the organization once they graduated. The highest education that common Uchida children could gain is college. She lived a rather boring childhood, but often being told that she was not wanted by her stepmother and Masato. Despite this, she never holds any grudges against them.
After a trip to the US, her parents went missing for months. Due to the fact she couldn't accept that her husband was gone with the woman she hates and not her, Sumire nearly killed her stepdaughter when the girl tried to comfort her. Kiriko was managed to be saved and her stepmother had to be sent to a mental hospital. The doctors confirmed that she had schizophrenia.
Her parents' case was closed and soon enough, the Uchida siblings found their wealth that their father had were used by a few of their greedy relatives. Masato and Akira moved out to Shizume, followed by Hikari and Hikaru, and soon Nagisa and her. Despite moving to the same city, they lived at separate places and did not contact each other since then. Nagisa dropped out of high-school to work and support her and Kiriko financially. Secretly, Kiriko also did part-time jobs to lighten her stepsister's burden.
Five months after moving at Shizume, the two sisters began receiving money from an anonymous sender. It was more than enough to cover their life. None of them knew who was the sender is, and their land-lord wouldn't tell them who it is per requested. Nagisa continued her studies, yet the two still worked part-time at the same café.
A few months after graduating, Nagisa was recruited as a SCEPTER4 member, indicating that her family's contract with the organization was still attached. The two had less time to spend after moving to a new apartment, located near to Nagisa's workplace. Fearing her safety due to her work and those who hold grudges against them, Nagisa sent her stepsister to Ashinaka High School. It ceased her worries a bit and at times, she'd visit her sister during breaks just to make sure she's doing OK.
Kiriko found out about Hikari and Hikaru, along with their involvement in HOMRA when trying to help Yashiro, whom passed by the cafe she worked at. However, Akira found her first before the other members of HOMRA could and sent her back to her home. It was until she received a letter from Hikari, stating that the anonymous money sent to her and Nagisa were from Hikari's modeling job.

Personality: Even though she lives through a rough life, Kiriko remains optimistic and strong-willed. She's hard-working and selfless yet stubborn and sometimes can be a pushover and a door-mat. When someone goes way beyond the borders, she won't sit down and stay quiet; Kiriko has the guts to mince people with her words.

Personal Triumph: None
Personal Tragedy: Nearly getting killed by her step-mother/Knowing about Hikari and Hikaru's involvement in HOMRA
Goals in Life: Reuniting her family.

*Chacha (Hare, female)
*Kurim (Japanese Spitz, male)

Additional Notes:
*She thinks Fushimi's smile can be attractive, but when it's twisted, she'll openly say that she's scared of him smiling that way.
*She can fell asleep in bath-tubs, Jacuzzis, swimming pools and hot-springs if she doesn't get enough sleep the day before. Nagisa had renovated their second apartment's bathroom from a bath-tub to a shower, fearing that Kiriko would drown herself in her sleep.
*She doesn't get along with Masato because of his aloof personality. Akira and her were a lot more closer because of his laid-back and sporty attitude.
*Kiriko is actually nearsighted, and used to wear glasses before. Because they fall off a lot, Nagisa bought her contact-lens instead.
*Although she is an Uchida and a second wife's daughter, Kiriko is also attached to her family's contract, indicating that she too will be a part of SCEPTER4 once she finished high school. Most Uchida children will be taught kendo or fencing to prepare them for this job.
*During holidays, Nagisa would take her sister home and practice fencing with Kiriko to sharpen the girl's skills. Unfortunately, she couldn't defeat her step-sister yet and her skills are bad as hell.

Morality: Good

Seiyuu: Mizuki Nana (Colette Brunel -Tales of Symphonia-)
I never state on dA that I watched K |D
It's MamoMiya; who on Earth can stop me from loving Yangire!MamoMiya~?
And whoops, her pairing is with a pyscho~ =u=d

OK, I changed her history a bit and other stuff.

Uchida/Takagi Kiriko (c) ~SwordOfTheFlame12/~XxMemorialMoonxX
Project [K]/[K] Project (c) GoHands (?)
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